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Responsive: Can't use smartphone keyboard

Hi community, 

well, we have discovered a wired issue in our community. When a user enters our community on his smartphone and tries to use the search bar then the keyboards appears and disappears instantly. The same happens when using the editor. 

The issue seems to affect android phones only. I've tried it by my own and was able to reproduce it with my Samsung S9, Chrome, Android Version 8.0.0 Today a user has called us and discribed the same issue. He has tried it with a Samsung Galaxy Tab  S2, Android 7 and a Huawei Y6, Android 6 and had the same problems. So concerning hardware and software it seems random.

To create more confusion, it seems that it only affects our community. When I've tested it with other community everything has worked perfectly. 

Does anyone of you similar problems? For me I looks like I have to contact the Lithium support.

Kind regards


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@SMTCD - Seems like there are some customizations done in your community which are affecting the search bar.  Please verify the custom js script in the community.  If this is an open community, could you please share the URL? 

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I recall @BjörnC reporting the same issue with the 19.1 release. Perhaps he can let us know if a resolution was found.


Lili McDonald
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@lilimyes, a solution has been found and that behaviour, which was caused by a core chance, has been fixed.

@TariqHussain It's an open community indeed. https😕/

@BjörnC  It has been fixed means, that it still ouccurs on prod but not on stage, right? Or does it mean, that the fix will be part of the next community version. 


@SMTCD  in short detail: we noticed the problem while testing stage environment and dropped a support ticket immediately. As our prod was changed to 19.1 we also had the virtual keyboard issue but since the support deployed a change to stage and production everything works perfectly (prod & stage).

Thanks for this thread!

I noticed the same issue in our production instance using 19.1 and have reached out to support.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@ltelliott@TariqHussain , @BjörnC@tyw 

The issue was fixed in 19.1 release, however has not been applied on some of the communities.

I have requested that the fix be applied on all communities where it is not available. I will post an update once this is done.

Apologies for the inconvenience.


Santosh Shaastry

@SantoshS  Appears i have this issue do i need to log a support ticket or will i get the patch applied also?


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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@Fellsteruk we are working to get the fix to all communities that are on 19.1 version. We hope to complete the updates by tomorrow, Friday, 14th March.

I will post an update once this is complete so that you can verify and confirm the issue with keyboard disappearing is fixed.

Once again, apologies for the inconvenience caused due to this issue.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@BjörnC @SMTCD @Fellsteruk @tyw @lilim 

The issue must have been fixed on all communities that are running version 19.1.

Please check and report if you still face issues.


Santosh Shaastry

Hi @SantoshS,

we are testing 19.2 on stage and the issue can still be observed. I guess, I should file a support ticket, right? 



@SMTCD Thanks for sharing this issue here, otherwise we wouldn't have tested it ...

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@JuergenM we believe that communities on 19.2 should not face this issue.,

Can you share the community URL so that we can do a quick check?

@SantoshSIndeed, we had this issue, too. Support, though, immediately applied the patch, so it is already solved, thanks!

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Glad the issue is resolved 😀


Santosh Shaastry

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