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Restrict Content Template to Specific Area

Is there a way to assign templates to a specific area of the Community?

I'm working through some content standards for my organization and would like to be able to disable certain templates for certain KB nodes if possible to eliminate the possibility of employees selecting the wrong template or being overwhelmed by the list of options. 

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Surprisingly, Khoros never has made a way to hide them out of box. You would have to use some engineering code magic to hide the ones you don’t want showing up unfortunately. We’re in the same boat having to do that now. 

Thanks for your response! If you don't mind, would you consider sharing how you're approaching the code? My team does not have a dedicated developer at the moment but I'm hoping to have a backlog of improvements ready for when we do. 

We're still perfecting it as we go, but I think we've landed on creating Helper/Admin-like roles on the global level for various responsibilities in our Community.  IE; "Academy Admin" role would be added to any users who should be able to see those specific templates used to create Academy content, otherwise, we're just hiding the rest with CSS I believe.  Roles have some other components and/or different page quilt that'll be shown as well then.

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