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Restricting a private group based on email address or IP

Hello, I'm a Lithium newbie but taking training and had a question.


Is it possible to create a private group, and then assign access based on a users' email address (such as creating a private group only where email address includes ""). Or perhaps by IP address ranges.


I realize this might not be possible, but wanted to ask.


I do see where you can import a CSV file into a given rank or role - perhaps that is another way around it, too?


thank you in advance.



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LainieH wrote:


I do see where you can import a CSV file into a given rank or role - perhaps that is another way around it, too?

Hi Lainie,


The above quoted is correct. Any time you want to give special access or priviledges to a select group of users, creating a role and assigning it as necessary is the first step. You can then use the role at various levels of the Community Admin to grant access.


Remember that "private" groups still display in the group listing. If you're looking for this gathering of users to be completely private, you'll want to create a private board, which does not show in any lists unless you have the requisite role/permissions.

@BrianOblinger how do I create the private board you mentioned? I'm looking to create a board only certain users can access.

@LainieH: Check this Document. Hope it will work


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Thanks & Regards,
Abhishek Illindra.




Hi, thank you for your response. I was curious actually if there is now a way to provide access to a private group based on a profile's email address domain. So if they are logged in to the community with @domain, then they would have access to private group where only @domain has been given permission. This was not possible a few years ago. I saw your note just now and wanted to ask again. Thanks!

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