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Restructuring community labels

Hi everyone!

We're in the process of redesigning and restructuring our labels and I was hoping to get some input, recommendations, tips and tricks from other users.

  • How does your label structure look like?
  • How do you use them?
  • Do you use predefined labels or not? Do you require a label when creating a new post?
  • Do you use labels for topics (e.g. marketing, sales) or also for different formats (video, quick tip)?

Looking forward to your ideas!



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Hi Jess @HSCommunity 

Feel free to check out our Workshop community to see how we use labels. We only use predefined labels and they are mandatory for each post. Workshop is a home improvement forum so our boards are areas of the house and our labels are activities. So the labels give a secondary means of taxonomy and navigation.




Content Coordinator

Hey @HSCommunity!

If you need any more examples, check out the discussion on this blog, Community Labels and Tags Strategy.


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