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Return published TKB to draft

Hi community,

Today I managed to publish a TKB article which shouldn't be published yet (oh well, when pushing the Publish button becomes your habit instead of thinking...). We already used the future link in other materials, therefore I can't just delete and make a new draft about the same topic.


I solved this problem now with moving the article under a hidden category,  so only a limited number of people (aka my team) can access it. Problem here is that this way we can't automate publishing and need to make sure this article is moved back to the right place in time.


Is there a way to send a published article back to drafts? 


On Wordpress (what we used previously) it was possible to revert any published content, so I hope it is the case here too. If it is not possible, we can live that way, but I would love to revert on Khoros' platform too.

Thank you,

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Hello @nbalogh

Unfortunately, we don't have an option to send a published article back to drafts. I suggest you post this in Community ideas so that if it gets enough attention, our team will have a look at this request. 

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