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SMART objective for community manager

we are currently setting SMART objective for the community manager. Community projects is yet to start and expected to complete before the year end.

can anyone suggest some SMART objectIves for the community manager performance evaluation.
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Its difficult to say without knowing what your business want to achieve as they should work towards that but generally speaking you should look at objectives around growth metrics such as increase in community traffic, content and participation. Maybe one around creating a super user scheme and if you have one you could have one around growing this or getting more value from it but again its subjective to what your business objectives are 🙂


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Any community manager's first objective should be to create a 12-24 month operational community plan complete with objectives, goals, strategies, tactical execution details, and measurements. Moving forward, you can look to the operational plan for specific goals and objectives to assess performance during a given timeframe:


  • Did they do the things they said they were going to do?
  • How well did they do them?
  • What were the results?
  • What can they focus on in the next [timeframe]?

Hi Ramees,

I hope these are helpful - let me know if you need something more specific.



Develop a community MVP program

Train and nurture community moderators

Increase the quality, quantity, and timeliiness of answers within the communinty



Has the program(s) been implemented?

Has the answer rate goal been reached?

Have membership or discussion goals been reached?



Where are you now: answer rate, membership, etc and how hard would it be to reach the goal? 10% gain? 80% gain?



Does the CM have the background, attitude, and resources to meet these goals?

Every question will be answered within 20 minutes - may not be realistic.

Grow the answer rate from 30% to 40% - more realistic.



How long will implementation take?

Plan, design, launch a community MVP program within 9 months






Community Manager - Seismic Software

Thanks Fellsteruk, Brian and Toby.

@Fellsteruk. .objectives will be to have higher customers engagement and reduce the customer support cost.

I really appreciate the Kudos!  Thank you.





Community Manager - Seismic Software

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