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Salesforce Case Management in Lithium



I have read about the SF connector and understand the Knowledge Article integration component, however I haven't been able to find information on Salesforce case management capabilities.  I would like to know if customers can review/interact with existing Salesforce cases through Lithium and also if they can submit new cases to SF.  If the anser to these questions is yes, I'd also like to see an example of a form used to submit a case as this UI is very important to my client base so I'd like to see what this looks like.


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Ive used this myself, actually implement it realised it didnt do what we needed, discovered Lithium LSW and went with that.


That said what you want to do is possible, the out the box connector will enable you to give users of the community the ability to escalate a topic into SFDC as a case however the out the box solution doesnt offer any case management of the sfdc object from within lithium its simple a tool to get cases into SFDC from community. 


That said its also possible to have something as simple as a web2case form within your community which will also create a case in sfdc, enabling customers to "case manage" or view and interact with cases is possible but would require something like a customer portal which you could embed in the community to enable them to view all cases and interact with them.


If you have access to raise support tickets to lithium you should be able to see a good example of what your posting about as lithium have almost exactly what your after allowing customers to create and manage cases from lithium community but using the SFDC case object.


I don't know of anyone else who uses this "off the top of my head" and suspect you wouldn't see much anyway as it would be behind a level of authentication but im sure someone will be along to share any examples they have.


Good luck. 


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Michelle, did you ever get any details on this? I have not yet been able to locate any useful details on the salesforce connector and also no information on the salesforce Knowledge Article integration either.

i too need info on the integration of SF knowledge into the community. im not looking to create content from the community but to be able to share the articles within SFDC with the community. not sure if its possible.


The above integrations seems feasible, but the coding needs to be done at connector side for this.


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