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Salesforce Case integration with Khoros portal

Hi All,


We are using the Khoros Salesforce Integration.  Right now all the cases, which user creates on Khoros portal are created on Salesforce by integration user. What we would like to have is possibility for the users to see all cases, which are linked to the same Salesforce Account record. Nowadays the user is able only to see their own cases, which they have created on a portal. Is there any setting which could be changed?


Thank you!

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Hi @rmikolajczyk , 
the user needs to be a supervisor user to be able to view all the cases created with the account to which the user is linked.
On the user contact, in Salesforce, there is a checkbox, is supervisor . That has to be checked. Also, in the community admin settings--Feature-->CasePortal, you have to update the queries for 'search query parameters- my view and org view'  (especially if the case has custom fields). Support should be able to help with that if required. 


@AshishKeis correct. we use the Khoros connector to SF for our case portal as well. We've added the Is Supervisor field on the contact record in SF. It will be automatically checked when a user is made a Technical Contact. TCs are what we use to monitor who on the account can create and manage support cases. You may not have this setup.

You may can make it automatically checked when a user's account is created in SF.

Once your update the parameters in the case portal, the user will see an option for their cases and Organization's cases.

I believe we worked with Khoros and our SF team to set this up.



Hi @AshishKe , @jamiemccardle

I have marked on SF contact Is Supervisor checkbox. And edited the SOQL query params on Khoros settings. And I still am not able to see the cases, which are coming from the same organization. So on the SF case there is a contact linked to the case. Contact is linked to the Account. And we wanted to make sure, that when the user on Khoros, which Contact on SF is having marked "Is Supervisor" checbkox is able to see all the cases from other users, which are having contacts on SF linked to the same Account as supervisor.

@AshishKe@jamiemccardlefor some reasons, the Account on a Contact record got removed. Not sure why, but once I put it back and made sure that "Is Supervisor" field is checked, then the cases from organization were visible on a portal!

Thank you for help!

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