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Salesforce Knowledge to Khoros integration


We would like to sync some knowledge from Salesforce under certain conditions. I did not find any configuration on Khoros Admin panel. Does anyone know how this integration is working? How can we include more fields to be included in the Khoros and/or specific articles being pushed from Salesforce to Khoros community?

Thank you!

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Hi @SyedSa ,

Thank you for reaching out! Unfortunately I don't have access to those resources. Could you provide it to me? After that I would be able to respond back to you if it was helpful or not.

Thank you!

You are welcome!! I have provided customer access, you should be able to access the links now.🤗

@SyedSa ,

I have found in one of the articles, that pushing Salesforce Knowledge into Khoros is not possible now. Only pushing from Khoros to Salesforce is supported. Is this up to date? I mean, we would like to push Salesforce articles into Khoros. If this is not possible. Is there an Khoros API, which we could use? For creation of the articles in Khoros.

What we would like to have, if someone will create a Knowledge article on Salesforce. Then it is pushed into Khoros.

In this article:  I am not able to find in Khoros community admin panel those components which are mentioned in the docs. Any idea why?

I am yet to get a response from the concerned team. I will get back to you, once I have details/information regarding this.

Thank you @SyedSa ,

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

@SyedSa do you have any update on this?

@rmikolajczyk, I am sorry for the delay!!

Yes, you are correct - there isn't a way to post an article from Salesforce into the Community, as mentioned in the thread:[…]-Salesforc...

It looks like you can create them in Salesforce and they will create a Khoros TKB, and updating the TKB in Khoros is reflected back in Salesforce, but updating a current one in Salesforce does not currently auto-sync to the TKB that it's linked to.
As a result, you'll have to make something custom that does it with our API:

The post was updated in 2021, I assume it should be configuration stuff. However, I have created a Jira ticket to verify the accuracy of the Salesforce integration article.

Thank you @SyedSa !

You are welcome!!

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