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Salesforce and Khoros Case Portal

We are using Salesforce and the Khoros Case Portal.  The Author field is showing the email address right now.  Sometimes, we see the Community username.  I haven't figured out what causes the username to show over the email sometimes. 


We want to pull the Contact Name from Salesforce instead of the email. 


Salesforce has objects and fields from which data is pulled. For this instance, we are pulling Contact.Email field from Case object. But, we do not have anything as such Contact.Name/ or any field providing the name in Case. Do we need to pull the Contact's Name from another object?  If so, how do we access another object?


Is anyone else pulling name or know how to pull name over email address?

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

I believe the Community User Name is on the CommunityUser record.

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Khoros Staff

Assuming you are customizing the case portal to view certain fields and want to fetch it, the following fields are associated with your query :




This field is available on Case Object which is of type LookUP(Contact).

Using this  id, you can retrieve contact record and  look for the field name 




on the contact object.


Also,  available system and custom fields on any object, one can check it in salesforce. go to setup > object manager > search for the object you want > fields and relationships. 


Let us know if you have further questions.

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