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Same article in published and draft

Last week I published an article.   I went to make a few changes after review and saved it.  I went back to see the published changes and they weren’t there.  I realized, I edited a draft version in the dashboard. But why was there still a draft version in the dashboard after I published a week ago.  My experience has always been that the draft version goes away once published. So I thought….Did I create the same article twice?  hmm…. So I went to compare the published and unpublished version….when I opened the published version, it said there was another draft version that had been edited.  I published the draft version and the changes showed up in the published version so there was a published version and a draft version at the same time. 

Has anyone experienced this?  Is there a valid reason why there might be both versions...and if so, why?

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Yes I've been seeing some weird things lately with drafts. Was it a TKB article (we don't use them) or Blog article (we use them heavily.  or a Discussion Topic?

I'm not sure but given the three options I assume it is a TKB (assuming KB
stands for Knowledge Base)

This is exactly the same thing I experienced.  I only saw it happen one time and it was a TKB article.  I assume it to some unusual combination of events to expose it since I only saw it once but since a few others have experienced the same issue it must exist. 

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