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Scheduling a daily registration report with member email


I am aware I can schedule a report that gives me a count of total registrations for the day before.

I need a report that provides the member email and username each day so we can do a vlookup against another report.  Then we will use the role import tool to assign a private forum.

Anyone done this successfully?  

Thanks for any help and insight in advance. 

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Easy enough just to do a user report that includes the registration date column. It will have all users but you can just sort by registration date and cut those members that joined yesterday. 

Hope that helps. 



Thanks for the response. I am familiar with the user report (Community Admin>Metrics> Users).  Can it be scheduled?

A manual pull is not a solution when this is a daily activity that needs to be access by another team to then run macros against.

Even scheduling is going to be difficult since it can only come to my inbox.  


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