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Search Suggestions and Results not Matching

I have found scenarios where the suggested articles are exactly what I'm looking for but the search results for the same search term don't show these articles.  Why would the suggested articles be different than the search results?


In the video attached, I searched for a unique term,awrrpt.sql.  That term is only in one article and that one article showed up in the suggested articles but it didn't appear on the first page of the search results.  Only articles with SQL appeared on the first page.

Video Link:





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Khoros Staff


It is expected to get different results in the search results compared to what you see in the search-suggestions. The intent of these two searches are different and so is the logic behind the mechanism of these searches. I suspect it comes down to the special characters and how the community posts are indexed.

If I search for just awrrpt I get the expected result in both the main search results and in the search suggestions. Also, if I search for "awrrpt.sql"  with the double-quotes included, I get the same results in the main search and in search suggestions since it gets treated as an exact match. However, the moment I search for just awrrpt.sql with ".SQL" at the end, the dot gets treated as a special character here and special characters DO NOT get indexed by the community search. The moment you search for awrrpt.sql, the term gets indexed as "awrrpt" OR "sql". Even if the search suggestion shows you the post you expect to see in the result, you can see that it highlights "SQL", and not "awrrpt". Do let me know if this helps and if you have any questions.

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Hi @jamiemccardle@RahulPa - There are two things to consider: 1) We do not index special characters 2) Auto-Suggest and SERP search are slightly different. Every special character is considered as a whitespace and characters preceding and succeeding the special character are considered as two separate words.

Example: For Auto-suggest, in your query, the search will happen for words "awrrpt" and "sql...". So all the posts that have "awrrpt" and "sql" and words that begin with "sql" will be showcased. In your case, there is 1 result that you got. On SERP page, the search will happen for "awrrpt" AND/OR "sql". Here, the search results fetched would be more and will be ranked basis the frequency of the words in the post. Thus your relevant result went beyond the first page. 


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