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Search for unresolved threads


Is there a way to search for unsolved topics on a community?

There is the possibility to search for ‘solved’ issues, but no option to search for ‘unsolved’ issues.



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Hey @sebastian23,

You can use this URL on your community to view unanswered posts:


Also, you can use LSI to find threads that have no solutions: (select date range) Content -> Forums. Make sure you have the Solution Views column, and then export to CSV. You can then filter by Solution Views. If there are 0 solution views, it means there is no solution.

I know it's a bit tedious... If anyone knows of an easier way, I'd love to hear it.


Thx for the solution ideas. Any chance that a similar URL exists for a specific category (as the community is clustered in different categories and people are interested in their topic area?

Hi @StephenB 

I wish I'd known about this page as we're in the middle of an "unanswered posts" cleanup!

The page doesn't conform to our layout but the "Unanswered topics page" quilt does not appear in the PAGE list in STUDIO.

Can you tell me if/how you can change the LAYOUT of this page so that it uses our page layout instead of the default? 


Regards, Paul Khoros CertificationsIf my answer helps, please accept it as the solution or give it the thumbs up!


The "Unanswered topics page" is under the "Community" category in Studio Pages.


Hope this helps 🙂


@sebastian23, @StephenB and @PAULEM ,


You can use some thing like this to show unanswered discussion from specific board or category.

I have added this to make to see unanswered discussions from community discussions boards and category using there node-id's.

For Boards:

For Category:

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

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