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Search in LSI to show "searches without results" in context of page/board

When viewing the "searches without results" terms, it would be good to know which page or board these terms were unsuccessful on. My Community currently has inboard search filtering - so it would be good to know if these search terms are not appearing on specific boards or not at all in the 'search all content on Community'. This would provide more context around the searches that are failing for customers to either update content or label/tag etc. 


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@syork- Currently, you can not filter searches without results with boards and categories, there is no available filter for this criteria. You can post an idea here for this.

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@syork this is not a direct answer to your question. Further, the suggestion I'm about to make is not appropriate for all communities. However, when you look at the list of search terms without results, you may sometimes find the same terms in the searches with results list. The issue is that by default we scope the search to the node on which it was done. However, you can make a request to support to change the default scope to Community. Users will still have access to the drop down, and can limit the scope if they choose. But many aren't aware of the ability to scope. I think for many communities, if the information is available somewhere on a community, but just not on the board or category where the user preformed the search, the team will still want that information to be found as it may address the user's issue.

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Thanks @RobbL, I am actually looking at your very suggestion, to providing the option to search the board or all content. The main purpose of our Community is to self-serve so this makes sense to make it as easy as possible for users to find answers! Thanks for your reply. 

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