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Search without result LSI metric

Hi all,


I need a suggestion on how I can get reports on user search that gives no result as I am monitoring repetitive keywords for certain period of time for possible curation of articles. I know there is LSI metrics for search without result. However, as I validate the keywords in the report, some of them may already have content in the community. Do I need to validate these keywords every time I generate the search without result from LSI? Or is there other effective ways to get report on repetitive searches without result?



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Hi @fatinmunirah


Great question. I love digging in to search. It is one of my favorite subjects as folks here know and I am also still learning.
What I do know is that LSI Search data captures searches with or without results throughout the community meaning that if your search is set up to search on Category/Board etc it could be that a particular search in that category or board context does not find content. Could be because the content just isn't on that specific category or board the search was done on, and exists in another place.

LSI currently doesn't show you that level of context.

We have set our search to be community wide even when on a category or board. This will allow us to better see what search terms really result in no results found. Also, we know users come from a search engine to a topic and if they search from there, their search range is limited to that board. To widen the possibility to get results our search is defaulted to community wide at all levels.


That's what I can tell you about LSI. I am happy to give more information if needed.

I am not search if Google analytics could be of help here, I am not an expert and still learning about its possibilities.

We've also used Adobe Analytics but here we'd typically look at the top searches users have done and if they give relevant results or not. 


Well, hope this gets you started a bit.


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Hi @Wendy_S,


It is great to hear from you! Yes we figured that it is best to set the search to be community wide although users are searching from node levels - to help our reporting to be more accurate. Sometimes users just changed their mind and searching for something out of topics from the current board, which could be the result of many Search without Results keywords in my analytics. Would you share how do you change the default search to be community level from all node levels? Does it needs UI to work on it or can admin simply do it?



Hi @fatinmunirah


Sure, I can share 🙂

An administrator can do this, but it has to be done in Studio. One has to be comfortable with using studio. But it's quite simple to do and easy to revert (if you always make a copy prior to a making a change, this is what I always do)


You will find step by step instructions here.


Hope this helps!

Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

That works thanks to you @Wendy_S! I wasn't sure which of the components should I change because I'm afraid I can't find the page that I changed Smiley LOL But I tried on Header component and it works so far.Thank you for sharing! Smiley Very Happy

You are more than welcome @fatinmunirah

glad I could help!

enjoy your day



Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

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