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Self Service Score in Khoros

Hi all! 

I could need some guidance here 🙂 This fall we migrated from Get Satisfaction to Khoros community. In Get Satisfaction we had the KPI "Self Service Score" which is how many % of the conversation have been answered without a moderator's involvement. We would like to keep this KPI, do you know how to solve this in Khoros? 

Or do you have any suggestions for similar KPI? 




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I don't believe there is anything similar in Khoros that could be used without having to do some manual reporting in excel and/or another tool.

You could try using Analytics, drill down to the Content -> Forums -> and using the 'conversations' tab, export it - You can count up total topics vs. total topics that have 0 replies to determine how many have responses/response %.  If you want to filter out moderators in the report here you could prior to exporting it.  You'd have to decide if a 'reply' counts as a solution, or if the Op has to come back and truly 'accept' it, and then you could just count up accepted solutions instead and use that as the %.  

The upside/downside of Khoros is it's flexible enough to have lots of use cases for different types of Communities, but it also means there is a bit more work that goes into getting the data you want out of the system (Example being our own Community where this metric would be meaningless, as we don't use moderators at all today).

Thanks @StanGromer ! 

I'll try your suggested solution. 

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