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Sending a batch of email verification messages?

Hello one and all,


Just wondering if anybody has ever figured out how to send a batch email to unverified accounts please?


Referring to the above documentation, the Email batch verify confirm [email_batch_verify_confirm.text] template is intended for use when an administrator "chooses to re-send verification emails to unverified users." We'd like to know how to do this, but I can't find the option anywhere.


Has anybody done this, or something similar, and could let me know how it's done please?


Thanks 🙂

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@Kev_B - Unfortunately, this is not feasible on lithium. 


Email batch verifies confirm email template is used by Lithium Professional Services team when dealing with migrating users from one platform to another.   


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Thank you @TariqHussain, search as I might I could not find that the question had been asked before posting, thank you for directing me to that answer. It's a shame that the feature remains internal use a further 2 years down the line.



Hello, I know this is an old thread but I'm interested to know if this functionality exists? Or if anyone has been able to come up with a workaround to prompt these emails? 

Thanks in advance!

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