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Sharing Badge on facebook and twitter


Currently there is no option to share badges earned onto other platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And precisely when you receive a notification of badge assigned on the notification center.


Has anyone already develop this feature ?




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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

@NickH , @ArnaudL , any ideas on the following post/ question please?

Many thanks!

Khoros Expert

Well it sounds certainly stupid, but apart from an idea from 2015, i'm not aware of anything that could solve this being available but the idea is obvioulsy good!

Arnaud Lerondeau
Principal Solutions Consultant

This is exactly what we've been looking for; a prompt for users to share their badges on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn, FB, or even as a link that they can share wherever they choose). This seems to be a pretty standard feature across a variety of apps/platforms (Audible, Duolingo, even Wordle 😁) and I could see it being a boon to our engagement. 

It is a good idea. I'd suggest everyone adds their vote to this enhancement request -




It does not appear to be an actively considered topic for the Khoros team; there has not been a response for 5 years. 

@JasonHill @ArnaudL 

The enhancement request linked is inactive; its designation of "under consideration" isn't current (source), meaning this was likely abandoned by staff in 2017. 

I have submitted a new idea/feature request under the current structure, and would love upvotes/seconds/kudos: Feature Request: External Sharing Prompts 


@cnovak unfortunately, there is no clear update on this feature yet on when/if it's going to be available in near future nor I was able to find any customers who were able to develop this feature. There may exist so this thread will remain open for them to chime in if they had developed this feature. 

I'd encourage supporting @carrie_bee's idea by giving Kudo and increasing the visibility. 

I have updated this status as this is a topic I've been considering for Badges in our future roadmap.  It hasn't fallen off our radar, and please, add your kudos to @carrie_bee's idea if you want to see it! 

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

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