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Show most recent activity in feeds

Hey guys- 

1) is there a way to make it so our community displays topics based on latest activity? So, obviously new topics are shown at the top of the list, but currently if a user comments on something from a day ago or the past, it doesn't bubble up to the top. It remains in the order of which it was posted. Any idea how to change this?

2) if it isn't possible, does anyone know the reason why the current way might be better? 

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @akloepfer! You can select the formats and sorting order for displaying posts and their replies. Set topic and post display options might help.

I reviewed this content, but maybe i'm overlooking the specific info i'm looking for.  I'm looking for a setting that will help me make the feed more dynamic based on recent activity. For example, right now our feed shows the most recent main topic posted. So If I comment on a thread from monday, it'll stay where it is...lower in the feed, it won't pop up to the top of the feed. I'd like to fix this to work as anything with any form of activity will pop up to the top of the feed, 

@akloepfer Thank you for reviewing. As the topics that stay at the top are not floating or featuring, I'd recommend trying some workaround by following Feature a topic on the community, and Why are the topics on a board out of order?.

Please let me know if the issue persists, so I can help create a support ticket to investigate this further.


Based on the articles you shared and how our community is working i think i may need to open a support ticket. 



@akloepfer Appreciate you going through the articles and following the workaround. I have passed on your query to our technical support. They will investigate this and help you out.

Thank you for your patience!


Hi @akloepfer,

In our Community, we use both types of filters: based on the creation date and latest activity (really the latest one). Fresh comments always push the topics to the top of the activity feed in such a situation. 

We also added more filters for ourselves, for example, a filter that displays unanswered questions:


Senior Community Manager | Dynatrace

Nice work @karolinalinda. I would love to be able to have some data on how often users change these kind of default settings. Or for example, if introducing a filter for showing unanswered questions increased the amount of answers shared by the community or helped drive down the average response times.  


@akloepfer - I hope you solved your issue. There's definitely lots of value in ensuring that older topics can again bubble to the top. I manage a home improvement community and topics don't typically age at all. So a discussion from years ago can still be really valuable and you certainly want it to appear again at the top of the feed if someone has added a new question or piece of advice. 






Introducing the Unanswered questions filter helps a lot in reducing the number of zeros in open Q&A forums 🙂 We have some Community members fighting for badges related to replies or solutions and they love the ease of filtering out the unanswered questions 😃

Also, for the second time, we run a "cleanup" challenge in our Community, asking our users to address those still unanswered questions: 🙂

Senior Community Manager | Dynatrace

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