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Show only specific boards in activity feed

Hi folks, 

is it possible to show only specific boards in the activity feed? Ootb I can only choose if forum, blog, tkb and ideas are shown in that feed, but not a specific board.



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Can you tell us a bit more about what you're trying to do and why @CKummer? There would be no problem in using the API to create a customised feed.




Sure. Here is the situation. After switching to Hermes design, the activity feed shows more and more support threads in with customers are complaining about something. But most of  our users are interested in other topics and would like to discuss them instead of support topics. Well, and shortly after a relevant topic has been published, it is "killed" by support topics instantly. 

But to be clear, we don't want to suppress customer complaints, but most of those support topics are found by using the community search and not the landingpage with it's activity feed. In my opinion, a cleaned up feed would help to keep the focus on more valuable topics. And this is why we would like to show not all stuff in that feed. 


Khoros Staff

As of 22.3 the API (which is used for that activity feed) will now respect the admin setting "hide messages in this board from lists".

Admin > Community Structure > (Hover over a board) > Edit Properties

hide messages board.png

This will keep the messages from that board from appearing in message lists outside that board (unless explicitly queried for). They will still appear in places like the search.


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@MattV Great idea but it doesn't work or better it just works partly. Yes the messages from boards I have set on "hide", do not appear in lists but in the activity feed on the landingpage and this is what I don't want: not in the feed but in lists is ok. 

Any other idea?


To get the messages from that board to not appear just in that component would unfortunately require a customization. 

The customization typically involves creating a custom setting to exclude the board from the landing page activity feed, and then in the activity feed component we have to add logic to get a list of boards that DON'T have that setting set, and get the messages from those. 

At the very least adding the custom setting would likely require a Professional Services engagement to create the setting and make it available in the API. 


Professional Services - Sr. Web Engineer

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