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Signature analytics

Hey everyone, 

I was wondering if there's any way to see the number of members or a % of how many community users are using their signature? 

Cheers, Nick

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Khoros Staff

@NickQuinn If the goal is to get a broad sense of how many members are using signatures, the quickest option may be to create, but then not deploy, a signature badge. 

In Community Admin -> Users -> Badges, you can create a badge that would award anyone who has input a signature:



When inputting the rule, select "Advanced Editor". You can then use this formula:

setting.profile.signature != 'default'


When you save this badge, you'll then see a tab that estimates how many users qualify. This is the estimate for the number of users who have set a signature.

Hi @JonathanW,

That's amazing stuff. I'll look into it and try it out. Thanks for getting back to me. 

Cheers, Nick


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