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Slack Integration

Good morning all,

There was an old thread about this topic without much interaction so I thought I would start fresh.

My company is looking into a Slack integration and I would really enjoy hearing from those who have done one and how it has impacted your community.

  1. Was it easy?
  2. What is the customer experience?
  3. Has it benefited your community? How? 
  4. Have you seen greater internal participation; maybe the sharing of FAQs
  5. What do you like most and least?

Thank you,

Community Manager - Seismic Software
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@Toby - If you have done this integration already, answer to the first 4 questions would be 'Yes'. For number 5, it depends what do you want to measure and it will be totally subjective. If you want, I can share details over the PM.


I hope this helps.

Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

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Thank you @VarunGrazitti - much appreciated!
We have not implemented yet and I would like to have some real-world insights in addition to documentation.

Thank you

Community Manager - Seismic Software

@VarunGrazitti I'm not sure your response is helpful in any way. We are trying to understand what the capability is first for the integration? Can you outline this? Where is the documentation to support the integration for our technical architects to review?


Ideally, if a customer posts in our Community (Lithium) Help Forum, this question is posted to our internal Slack Channel for a SME to answer there and then this answer is posted back to the Help Forum in Community. 


Is this possible?

@mvanpelt - My answer was specific to Toby's question. To elaborate this further, what you have asked regarding the integration scenario is feasible. If a customer posts on Lithium - the question will be posted on your slack and can be replied from there. We can set this up to different slack channels from different Lithium categories and also tie it up to labels for further specification. 

Let me know if this helps. I can send you more details in PM.


Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

Recent Ideas: Advanced Private Messages | Rewarding Module | Badges for Threads

@VarunGrazittiThank you! Very helpful to know. We will be considering this integration. Can you please PM technical documentation you have around this? @Toby 



Hi @VarunGrazitti - I'd like to hear more about integrating Slack and Khoros. Feel free to PM me. Thanks! 


Jesse - GoDaddy Community Manager

@JesseW-GD Just sent you a PM.


@mvanpelt @Toby - I have already sent the PM to both of you, please let me know if you need more details around this.

Varun : Weaving magic with Khoros!

Recent Ideas: Advanced Private Messages | Rewarding Module | Badges for Threads

For what it's worth, you could just leverage Zapier + email escalations to do some things.  We've utilized this in the past to monitor forums, alert employees for unanswered topics, etc.  Works out pretty well.  We didn't see much in terms of wanting to respond directly from slack, as you lose a lot of the benefits to doing that in the Khoros editor / the flows get a bit wonky.  (Plus we selfishly want to get folks into Community, not keeping them out of it).


I created a new thread with a specific use case scenario here. Please take a look and share any feedback you may have! 

Sharing here an update on the topic of Slack integration on a different thread.

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