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Slack Integration

Anybody using the API to communicate to Slack. Interested in use cases as we want to open this as a new channel

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Me too.  I know this post is from 2016 but curious to hear if you were able to integrate?



Same! I'd love to get feedback from anyone that integrated Slack. 

Mee to . Please let me know. If anyone integrated slack. 

Dileep Kesharwani
Software Engineer Lithium

@farrcycle @DileepK @tyw @lwhite 

That is an interesting topic and it is feasable!

I wonder what's your use case to integrate? 




I'd love this! I would love to see whenever a customer comes to our community and posts a topic, we would get notified via slack. Is this coming?


Good day folks - does anyone have final answers or experiences to share? Looks like we all want to utilize Slack, has anyone implemented?

Community Manager - Seismic Software

Unfortunately, I do not know the answer to this one.  Perhaps even worse, I am known within Khoros as the anti-slack guy (not because I dislike the software, but because I want employees to use Community more...but I digress), but I can certainly see the use-cases for an integration. 

I will send up a bat-signal for some appropriate people that can probably offer some real insights....

@MegH @VinhJ @NickH 

Thanks so much @JakeR !

"I want employees to use Community more" I agree 100%
Just like reply by email, I would like to make it easy for employees to participate. If they are collaborating on Slack and uncover a solution, I would like to make it easy for them to share it with a FAQ or Pro Tips area within my community.
I have been searching for documentation, but cannot seem to find it.
Thank you @MegH @VinhJ @NickH 

Community Manager - Seismic Software

There are certainly integrations with slack (and other team based collaboration tools) that make sense. The two biggest categories I see are:

  1. Notifications
  2. Collaboration

For notifications, it would be similar to email notifications, subscribing to certain boards / topics and choosing to be notified via a slack channel. This would work particularly well for group chat rooms. The challenge here is that slack is more immediate and time based and lacks some of the workflow capabilities to manage those notifications at scale, but the convenience and immediacy could be of value.

Collaboration use cases is where I see move value. Being able to quickly share a community conversation with an internal person or team and discuss it privately to determine the right response or content to share. Slack is an important channel for how people communicate internally and making it easy to share and communicate around community content could help connect the community to those internal collaboration tools more tightly. Very similar integrations could be suggested for MS teams, Asana, JIRA, etc.

From a Khoros community roadmap perspective, we aren't planning to deliver a slack integration this year as our primary focus is on CRM, but it is certainly being discussed and evaluated against other integrations we can productize. Beyond CRM, our focus this year is on improving our platform capabilities and our integration framework to make these types of integrations easier to develop and maintain. We're looking at our API completeness, evaluating top Web hooks to add, and even exploring a real-time event feed (community firehose) to add to our already robust set of platform capabilities.

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