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Slack/Khoros Integration on our Staging Server

Has anyone here successfully integrated Slack into their staging server?

Our Slack Admin has Approved the Khoros Slack app for our workspace. It's unrestricted. But...

Neither of us can install the Khoros Slack app. We either get the attached error message (me), or a link to the Khoros Slack app documentation (our Slack Admin)




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@dave-coleman , For these kind of issues, reach out to with any questions or concerns.

Expecting your Kudos and Accepted Solution to my replies.

I already had, and they hadn't gotten back to me after 24 hours, so I posted here.  

I should note, they finally got back to me after six days with an answer:

Since our forums is currently password protected (on staging) we're not able to connect/link Slack with the forums. 

Khoros Staff

@dave-coleman We will re-check this to see what we can do here. We will be in touch with you via private message. 

Will circle back and update this thread as well, for wider visibility. 

cc: @AshishKe 

It's been a month.   Nothing yet about implementing Slack on our staging server?  

Fwiw I never got it to work on stage either / Pretty sure in past they told me it wasn’t possible as it can only be tied to a single instance.

It’s been a good year since I tried though probably, and when I just did it again I went straight to prod (actually was first thing I did in my new role as I do love getting my notifications in slack!)

I was asked again today by an employee at my company what it will look/behave like when we do get it implemented.   My response, "I have no idea." 

@dave-coleman It's honestly extremely simple from a slack integration standpoint as it does very little (but that little it does is a lot)If it helps at all, I think these 4 screenshots are the entirety of it - 

  • You can view the app in the 'Apps' section of slack
  • You can click 'Reply' and enter a basic response that posts back into Khoros
  • You can Kudos the notifications you receive (If you try to do it more than once you'll get an error)
  • You can do /community search 'term' to bring up a Khoros search in slack to find content



@dave-coleman Apologies for the delay in response here. Our team is looking into your case, and we'll get back to you at the earliest. Appreciate your patience here. 
Thank you. 
cc @NarendraG 

Thanks, Stan.  Lookin' good!   I hope it's as easy as it seems. 

Out of curiosity are you using SSO?   That's a worry of mine, that Slack won't be able to post because of SSO.


Yeah, we do use SSO.  As long as both are using same SSO backend be it Okta/Auth0, or something else, should work fine.

Great! Thanks for all of the information!

Hi @dave-coleman , we got a confirmation that Slack integration is working in your production environment. Hopefully, you're able to make good use of it. Let us know if you have any feedback/questions. Thank you. 

Correct, @AshishKe it IS working on our Production server.  But to note, the subject title "Slack/Khoros Integration on our Staging Server." And between my first post in February until now near midnight the first of June, no one at Khoros ever got Khoros/Slack integration to work on our STAGING server.  And now it's too late.  I'm very disappointed in Khoros' lack of initiate with this. 

Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Dave, thanks for the great discussion yesterday! On this particular issue, the team wanted me to again express our regret for letting communication slip through the cracks. For the benefit of others moving forward, the issue here was that HT Access is required for staging to protect unauthorized access, which was preventing the Slack integration. Fortunately, the engineering team eventually found a way to make this work with an additional step (see attached doc). Therefore, for those wanting to integrate Slack in staging moving forward, this is something we can do. Nevertheless, we should have been better at communicating this during Dave's enablement and launch.

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