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Slack integration? Anyone tried this, or Live Chat?

Has anyone tried integration for a "Live online" concept in their community?

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Retired Community Manager

Hi @chrisvonsimson! What do you have in mind for the live chat? What are you trying to accomplish?


Here in the Lithium Community, we've held several #OnAirWithLithium sessions using Google Hangouts. You can view one here--what we did was focus on a topic, invite several of our experts to discuss questions before opening it up for Q&A. In my previous role, I managed a support community and we did something similar, focusing on the top topics that our customers were interested in. I also wrote this blog article on my top tips on running an online event.


Hope that helps!



Jenn Chen
Community Manager, Lithium Technologies
(Formerly known as jchen)

I'd be interested to hear if anyone else has tried this as well. We're looking at doing something similar.  

Very helpful replies. Thanks. What I'm looking to accomplish is a blend of two communities.

1. A Private Slack Group, sort of "Members Only". This already exists, and is OK, and will need to exist for a while, but has limitations.

2. A potential Lithium Community (yes this is a very small SMB sales opportunity, happy to engage with your business development team). This would be public, and could feed to the members group above.

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