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Smiirl Integration

Has anyone had success with Smiirl's custom web counter? We are looking to connect them to individual superusers Kudo count.

Any best practices would be very welcome. 🙂

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Hi @christophertsan,

Yes, this API is available on all Lithium Communities, but you might not have API read access permissions enabled for the default anonymous user. You would need to do this as the Smiirl client would contact your community as an anonymous user. If you don't want to grant API read permissions to everyone you would need to go the route of creating an endpoint.

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Thanks @ClaudiusH.   Some of this is over our head.  If I'm understanding this correctly, this is an existing rest call we can make.

Example for my username on our forum:

However, as you can see if you test it, it says not allowed.

I'm assuming you mean I need to make this API readable publicly - is this within the Community Admin? I've been searching, and can't find anything related, other than creating an API app.  

Can you help us further?  Thanks.

Oh my goodness, I need one of these! I sort of want to send them as swag to some of our top users - as well as having one on my desk :-D. 

@ClaudiusH Hey Lithium team, hoping someone can still help. We can't get this working because Smiirl is requesting a very specific format for the response, and as I understand it, the response Lithium provides can't be altered.  Did anyone get this working?

From Smiirl: "I am afraid the only format our Counter can accept is the following: {"number":1}. You cannot, unfortunately, use the following response : {"response":{"status":"success","value":{"type":"int","$":34}}}.

I don't know if you took a look at the following documentation, to build you JSON url: "

Smiirl is expecting a response formatted as such: {"number":2}

How can this be accomplished?


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