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Social login for Lithium community

Does Lithium support social login to manage access to the online community?

We are looking at a simple way to let members sign in to the online community, and we would like to implement social login so that memebrs can use their facebook/google account.

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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

We used to, but we do not offer it as a packaged out-of-the-box option anymore.  Probably for a number of thoughtful reasons, not the least of which is (as articulated by a former Khoros Product Manager)...


  • When allowing users to log in a property using a Facebook login, for example, the consumer's data is then visible and owned -- at least in part -- by Facebook. We believe many enterprise brands don't want the data about their own customers ceded to Facebook. 

I have no grudge against Facebook, nor does Khoros in any way.  However, we have found that the two basic types of login / registration, work best for us and our customers.  Here at Khoros we want our customers to have exclusive ownership of their user's data.  There is the in-house login / registration that is germane to the Khoros Community platform, and then there is the opportunity for a brand to use their own Registration / Login system - i.e. - Single Sign On (SSO). 

Some Khoros customers will choose to use a 3rd party Registration / Login systems as part of their SSO vehicle (using the Gigya technology, for example) to be able to offer a Social Login option.  But we leave it solely up to the brand to make those types of technological bold steps with not only their digital customer experience, but with their customer's data as well.

***NOTE*** - I mention Facebook above only because they are the biggest giant in the valley.  There are certainly other social networks and types of social logins that you can substitute in for 'Facebook' in my message above.      


The  discussion about Social Login pops ups every once in a while ... I startet it, not too long ago as well...

There seems to be a considerable number of Members thinking about it.

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Thanks very much, Jurgen, really useful.

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Hi, thanks very much for the extensive response, really useful.

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