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Software Peers: How do you let your customers know about your known issues?

Hello Everyone,

I posted this inquiry a little over a year ago.  I didn't however have enough knowledge of what to ask.

First, please chime in if you publish any of your known issues (doesn't have to be a complete list) whether that is on Community or not.

Second, if it is on Community, do you have a dedicated board, a dedicated post that you just keep changing, or a new post each time with a dedicated label?

Thanks for any and all insight. 


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We have a release blog where we release product updates/notifications, as well as a release calendar and a discussion forum used for each release ->

We also maintain a known issues list, using labels to designate the status of each ->

It's not a perfect system, especially with ensuring it is always up-to-date as we ultimately maintain Community, while our product teams are responsible for these sections, so it's sometimes a battle to ensure everything is being properly maintained/updated.  With that said, it's definitely been something we have continued to improve on over the last few years, and plenty of improvements to go!  Let me know if you got any questions.


Thank you for your quick response.  This great to see in action and reassuring to know it is a work in progress.

We are thinking of a dedicated label but I like the known issues and work arounds.


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