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Solution Views-- what counts as a view?

I just have a question on solution views. Is this the views of an overall topic with an Accepted Solution? Or is it the views of the individual reply marked as an Accepted Solution?

We just made the modification to float Accepted Solutions to the top and I was expecting Solution Views to increase, but it's completely flat so far. I'm guessing it must be the topic views, but thought I'd double check.


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Hi, This is what I see about Solution Views in Community Analytics:


Khoros Staff

@jmuzzana Is this the views of an overall topic with an Accepted Solution? --> The answer is Yes. 

Hi! I'm fairly late replying to this thread, but I wanted to also point out that, per Claudius in this thread, if you have the "Float solutions to the top" feature on, each view of the thread results in TWO solution views (since the solution is duplicated). This seems ridiculous but it does seem to be the case!

Thanks for sharing! That does seem very odd!

Thanks @CarolineS. That feels like a bug.  

We are not using that feature to float the solutions.  We are instead using the New Solutions component at the top of our product forums.  Maybe that option can help @jmuzzana.

Wow, that's definitely a bug.

Thanks for sharing. 

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