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'Solved' in URL when using accepted solution function


We are in our community using the accepted solution function, where customers can mark a reply as solved if it has helped them in their query. 


We have noticed that every page that has a reply marked as 'solved' or 'accepted' gets an updated URL with the word 'Solved:' prior to the URL itself. 


Wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if it can be removed somehow? 

Below I attach a screen-shot as an example. The word 'Löst' means solved in swedish 🙂 Solved on Google.PNG

Appreciate your help on this!



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Hi Agnes

We have the same experience like you. I think it is a good feature. It tells Search Engines and Users that this question has been solved. I never think about removing it. Can you share why you don't want it?


Hi @Chao


Hope you are well and thanks for your reply. 


When re-reading my post I realised I should have started with, do you know if having solved in the beginning of the URL affects SEO ranking anyhow? 


We are investigating if this is having an effect on SEO ranking at all, that is why I am asking 🙂 



Hi Agnes

I don't think the "Solved" tag has any negative effect on SEO. It is a signal for the content with good quality. Now Content is the king of all SEO ranking factors. I think the "Solved" tag is good to have.


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