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Spam Quarantine - Moderator Notification

Today I discovered five items from the past month in our Spam Quarantine. This was troubling for two reasons:

  1. We were never notified that there was anything in the Spam Quarantine.
  2. None of the items were spam. 

If we had been notified items were in our spam quarantine, we would have jumped on it.  But we weren't. 

I searched settings in the Admin panel, thinking maybe I configured it wrong. But I can't find a setting to notify anyone if something was put in Spam Quarantine. 

So I came here to search and found this old post from 2018:

Is my understanding correct - Khoros has done nothing since that time to let Moderators know when a post has been moved to Spam Quarantine? 

Or am I simply missing an obvious setting in the Admin panel? 

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Your understanding is correct 😒

Community Manager \\ NetApp

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