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Spam & Marked as SPAM


This is regarding Spam data. In LSI->Content -> All Categories


I can see % of post data on the top as well as down in the tabular format(by boards). I can also see Spam & Marked Not Spam numbers.



1. Does the # of posts includes Spam data or its already adjusted (Spam deducted from # of post)?
2. Does Spam data included Marked not Spam data or its adjusted (Spam = Spam - Marked Not Spam)


In case posts included Spam data, if I perform (#of Posts -(Spam - Marked Not Spam)). Will this give me posts data with no Spam data.



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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

1. Spams are not deducted from # of posts, Spam is separately reported as a metric 'Spam'

2. 'Spam' metric does not include 'Marked not spam'

3. Yes, (#of Posts -(Spam - Marked Not Spam)). Will this give you net Non-spam posts.


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