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Special Characters in login name

Is it possible to allow all special characters in login name. Out of the box only - and _ are supported.

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@sandeep1988 - No, that is something which is neither possible nor recommended. 

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My understanding is that the current limitation to user names was deliberately chosen to prevent hickups when creating components using Freemarker. Keep in mind though that most scripts like فارسی or ภาษาไทย are allowed so you should be well covered.

Are there any particular characters you think about that are preventing community members from picking the community name they desire?

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Members can create names with some special characters or non-Latin letters and even accents. The problem arises when you know their name, and want to search for the user, because if you do not have the characters available you will never find them. If someone were to create the user name Fréd and you search on users for Fred they will never show in the results. Be careful what you wish for; this can be a problem.

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