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Spike in LSI Registrations since last week


Since last week, May 7, we're seeing a huge spike in registrations, and only in registrations. We haven't changed anything on our side and am not seeing the same trend for other metrics. Wondering if anyone else is seeing such a spike. Wonder if something changed on Khoros' end.





Learning from others and helping where I can!
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the increase in registrations from May 6 to May 7 is huge, also for our community. But then it fades  and registrations are on an average level now. Before the increase, there were a few days with lower registration numbers. Do you see that as well?




Hi @JuergenM 

How are you! 😉

Our spike started on May 7 (last week Tuesday) and hasn't really normalized since then. It is still twice as high as normal.

I am suspecting a data issue at this point.

Thanks for reporting back here Juergen! Would you log a support ticket, We've done that on our side as well.


Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

Same thing here. What are your ticket #s? 

Looking at recent registrations nothing sticks out as odd too. 

The spike at the beginning of this graph was expected; we did a lot of promotion.

The spike at the end of this graph is concerning 😞 


I have been alerted to the same and reported it. I did an export of member registrations from Community Admin (although they never exactly align they are usually close) and the numbers are 3x higher in LSI.

A user export of all members who registered last week also indicate the LSI numbers are out of wack.

Thank you so much for posting this; it's such a relief to hear we aren't the only ones with wacky LSI registration data last week! I almost sent out a celebratory email about our huge numbers before realizing that they didn't match up with the admin user report or common sense. Phew. 

Looking forward to hearing more from Khoros on this one! 

Thanks everyone, for chiming in.
Looking at registration data again, we see spikes in the following periods

April 10-17

April 28

May 17 - May 14 (Currently)

They are really quite unusual and none of the other metrics show similar trends during these periods, nor did anything change on our side.

Will let you know if we get an update on the ticket we logged with Khoros.

Cheers, have a great day.

Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

We just got the confirmation from Khoros that this indeed a data issue.


Learning from others and helping where I can!
Community Passionista!

Ugh, looks like last week's LSI registration data is unreasonably high as well. @Wendy_S, did you hear anything from Khoros support about this?

@CarolineS I did on my case;

Hey Dan,

Just let you know that it's an issue affecting quite a few Khoros customers - our LSI engineers are currently working on the investigation.

Will keep you updated if there is any findings!

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