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Staging- Users and Roles

Hey guys- I am curious to know how you all "test" within Staging with partner/customer users. I am making some changes and creating a section only for partners and want to login as a particular partner to ensure it's working properly. Do you guys have any suggestions on how to accomplish this?? I suppose i could create an individual user in the Community- but wanted to see if there was another possibility that i wasn't thinking about! 


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I just login to one or two of my test accounts and manually assign the roles I'm trying to test with. Different browsers, private/incognito mode, and even different PCs make it easier. You can always switch to another user, but that's not always helpful, depending on how your user roles are being assigned.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Hey @Drew_C , so you've created 2 test accounts on staging- got it. We have our staging connected to our Okta Dev for security, so that adds an extra layer of complexity- i think. Do you guys have your staging connected to something like Okta as well?

Our staging env is connected to a dev instance of our SSO as well, but I can still switch to other users once logged in as me.

If it isn't already, you can request that your staging environment also allow standalone accounts. Try /t5/user/loginpage and see if you get the login page. If so, just create accounts in admin, assign roles, and log into them on that page, bypassing SSO.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

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