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Starting a conversation for questions and ideas using the same button

Hi everyone,

My team has recently been thinking of making it possible to post whatever content you want from the "Start a conversation" button level. Currently, it seems to work only for discussions.

We noticed that in Khoros Atlas you can select a location for Ideas:


However, when we select it, it's cleared again in the New Message box - the "Select Location" field stays empty.

My question is: is it possible to select whatever forum type we want as a location (Open Q&A, Ideas, Blog) or will it be always limited to discussions for the "Start a conversation" button?



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This isn't currently possible and needs to go thorough the product team. I had a case opened for this and your post here reminded me that I was supposed to write up and share an idea here.

Community Manager \\ NetApp

Thanks @Drew_C for your quick reply.

If you can share a link to your idea, that would be awesome 🙂 


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