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Storing Stock Images on Community for use in articles

Hi All, does anyone know if it is possible to store images in a default image library, accessible by all users so that they can be used when writing content?

Currently it appears the image libraries are user specific, with users managing their own stock of images. But no universal image library they can draw from exists. 



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@Adrian_Cabello - We have done something similar where we have brought the image library for all the users. This isn't available OOTB, but a little customization has been done to achieve this desired behavior.


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@Adrian_Cabello  For what it's worth, I've created a hidden discussion forum where I can quickly upload images and use them wherever needed.   It's a lot faster and easier than using Studio to upload images.   I don't use it for system images,  but mostly for custom content boxes.   You could do the same with a library of images to use in posts.   

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