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Studio Question - "Latest Blog Articles" component

I think I'm doing something wrong in Studio. 

I've added the "Latest Blog Articles" component in Studio.


I have blog posts:


But nothing appears:


Documentation says: If this component isn't showing up on your community, it might mean that:

  • There is no content to show
  • You need to enable the feature and configure the component in Community Admin > Discussion Styles > Blogs
  • You don't have permission to view this component or its content from this user account

I've already shown I have content, and I'm the Admin, so I have permission (I even double-checked) and here are the settings (I don't see anything there that mentions the "Latest Blog Articles" component.


Any thoughts on what I'm doing wrong? 

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This component will not work on homepage. You can use this component on the Blog Page and Blog Article Page. You can use this component in either a wide or slim content panel area, but it is generally used as side content.
This is why you are not able to see the content. 

On homepage you can add the custom components and compoents listed under Community Front Page and Global. 


You can use Latest Topics component on homepage, it will show the mixed content i..e discussions, blog articles, TKB articles, ideas etc. Or you can create a custom compoent if you want to show the blog articles only. 

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Detailed answer!  Thank you.  Guess I'll have to figure out another way to syndicate the blog posts on the Community page. 

@dave-coleman have you managed to find a solution? I'd like to feature the latest blog posts on our discussion page

Hi @GlennD 

This was the workaround I came up with:

1. In Studio add a Custom Content component to the main page (or even in the side-content).

2. Then goto Admin > Content > Community Syndication

3. Under "Define the Content" select your blog under Location, Discussion Style (blog)

4. Configure how you would like it displayed. This may take some trial and error to decide what you want / don't want. For example I used "Card View" and removed everything but Image and Message Body.

5. Click "Get the Code"

6. Copy BOTH the Common Script AND the Component Code.

7. Paste them both in the Custom Content component you had added to the main page in Step 1.  (Admin > Content > Custom Content)

8. Save and go check-out how it looks on your main page!

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It's not perfectly what we wanted, but it got the job done.  

Thank you so much!


If you have Hermes there is a custom component called
theme-lib.latest-blog-articles which can be used on the Community Page. In Admin/Settings List Editor you can then specify the id of the blog board you want the component to use. 

Admin/ Settings List EditorAdmin/ Settings List Editor

This will then update as each new blog article is added. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Hey! That worked. (And as far as I know, I don't have Hermes.)

Here are the steps:

In Studio add to your Community Page the "Custom Content":



Then in Admin > System > Settings List Editor
Designate the blog you want featured.


In case you don't know your blog id, it is located in the URL:


And voila the blogs are featured on the main Community Page!  

Thank you @elbranscomb !

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