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Subscribe to a topic

I know that users can click the "email me when someone replies" box to subscribe to a particular thread, but is there a way for users to subscribe to an entire discussions area? For example, we have created a discussion where our product team will release bi-weekly product updates for our platform and we'd like to encourage community members to subscribe to this area so that they don't miss any product updates. Is that possible? 

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Hi @Karlee92:It can be achievable like thread subscriptions we have similiar option for Board subscription. Once user subscribed to the board it will send email Notifications if any action performed on that Board.




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I'm just not seeing any options to do so. On the topic conversation level page, no options appear. 

@Karlee92 : Can you share the Screenshot of it.



Abhishek Illindra

It may be because our community has some custom elements, I just think it strange that there is no options menu. I've reached out to Lithium support, I just wanted to check on the community to see if I was missing something. 


no options menu.jpg

no options menu.jpg


Just to be clear.Did you checking in category page or Forum Page

These are conversation topics within our discussion areas.


Homepage > Conversations > Conversation Topics

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