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Subscribing to a Blog Board

I am wondering when I subscribe to a Blog board am I subscribing just to new blog articles in that blog board or the Articles and their comments? With Jive there was a way to decide if I wanted just new blog articles or discussion topics or the new articles/topics and their comments/replies.

Any advice on this would be helpful so that I can help get our guest bloggers individual accounts properly subscribed to their blog board.

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Any user who subscribes at the board level, depending on how they set their email subscription preferences, could end up getting an email for every reply to every thread on that board. 

You can check the subscription preferences under Profile > My Settings > Subscription and Notifications > Notification Settings

It is important to note that there are two types of subscriptions available to users in a Lithium Community, email subscriptions and RSS subscriptions. The Board Option listed above refers to an email subscription. However, by default, this option is only available to Admins and Mods. This selection does not appear for regular users in the Board Options drop down. The option to subscribe to a Thread does appear in the Thread Options drop down for all users.


As an Admin, you can change this behavior by going into the admin console, General Settings, Feature Settings, and deselecting "Turn off board, blog, or idea exchange subscriptions." If you are thinking of doing this, however, we recommend doing this only for specific boards at most, rather than at the community level. 


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Thanks @VikasB I chuckled  when I read "Lithium Community" in your reply instead of Khoros community. 

Sounds like you're suggesting if the person has it set to subscribed to a specific blog board but they're set to receive weekly digests then they wouldn't get notified until the digest was sent out. 

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