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Subscription Data

Is there a way to run reports from Lithium that provides visibility to all our Community members subscribed to a specific forum, blog, KB, within our Community?


For example - what customer members are subscribed to our Release Notes forum?



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Khoros Staff

Currently, this reporting is not available within our Community Metrics or Lithium Social Intelligence.  I highly recommend voting on this idea and putting a comment on how you'd find this useful:

It would absolutely be beneficial to see this data and get a sense of user subscribing behaviors.

Larry Imgrund
Product Manager - Communities

It drives me crazy when I see Lithium themselves admitting these are must-have features, yet the answer is "Go look at this idea from 2009".  It's from 2009, let's be real, if it hasn't happened in a decade, why are you still encouraging us to go vote for it?


We're new at Khoros platform. Are there any way to see the number of subscribers to a category node? I would also like to see who subscribed, but more important the number.



@AnnaSvensson Welcome aboard!

nooe, Unfortunately what you’re looking for, is not possible.




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@AnnaSvensson You can utilize the API to get this if needed - 

Example - This will pull back the users who are subscribed to a board, copy/paste the results into Excel and count it all up (Change YOURDOMAIN and NODEID to yours) :

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