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Subscription Report

Can you create a report that will display what board(s) a user has subscripted to? 

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Subscriptions reports provide a complete listing of subscriptions that have been defined across all views and applications

If you end up utilizing the bulk data API, you can get granular with the subscription data. We pull data into our data warehouse, allows us to produce reports like this



Thanks for sharing the links. Looks like this request has been around since 2009 and without a plan for implementation or a reason why it can't be done. This is very concerning. 

Are you able to view the users who are subscribed to the boards?

@adtn_pat Inside Khoros itself, you can't. If you utilize the bulk data API, you can track pretty much every action a user takes throughout Khoros including this.

Thanks for your response. I am new to this system and I have not looked at the bulk API. Can you point me to documentation that explains how to do this? 

Thank you.

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