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Subscription notification email format?

Notification emails for subscriptions seem to remove most formatting from, say, blog posts. Links work, but depending on the size and layout of the post losing that formatting can impact readability. Is there a setting somewhere to change whether notification emails are sent with the same formatting as the post? 

I'm the Community Manager at SailPoint's B2B identity governance community, Compass.
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Khoros Alumni (Retired)

Good timing!  We just had a discussion on this very topic over here.

Not sure if that discussion solves anything for you, but it might be helpful to read it over to see if it changes any of your current thinking (or tactics) on the subject.

Thanks, Jake.

You're right: that default setting for html to be stripped from email notifications is the culprit. I turned it off for me, and the next notification I got had the text formatting intact in the notification email.

It's a painful workaround to have to tell all users to change that option. I'll add my voice to the Idea.

I'm the Community Manager at SailPoint's B2B identity governance community, Compass.
Khoros Alumni (Retired)

I am glad the other thread was helpful, but I agree.  The workaround is painful.

This is sort of a hail-Mary, but perhaps you can open a Support Ticket and see if they can set all of your user's preferences for that particular configuration to default to HTML.  Of course, if Support can do that, it will not stop user's from selecting pure text (non-HTML) in the future.  But at least everybody will start back with HTML defaulted to 'on', and it will take a conscious decision for them to disable HTML in their emails.

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