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Super Users

Hi All,


I would like to know the permissions and ranking formula for super Users.


Is there any Documentation available for it.




Abhishek Illindra

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@AbhishekIlindra - There is no defined formula for this. Each community has their own set of conditions to decide super users. You cannot just copy paste a formula from other community, just imagine you get a super user formula from a super busy community which has a condition that the likes received + replied posted + solutions should be greater than 500, and if your community is just 1/5th of this, this formula wouldn't fit to your community at all. Also, needs and requirements would be different, you might need to focus on accepted solutions alone or topics started etc. So, you need to do some research around - what is the size of your community, and then create a matrix from level 1 to level n of your community users, then decide what works best for your case.


To get some help in creating formulas, these links should help:


Lmk if you need more help.

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@VarunGrazitti : Thanks for you valuable Information it will be helpful for us.


Is there any Admin Configuration in the Community where we can able to see the Formula for Super users.

You can view insights for your community members en masse @AbhishekIlindra.


In community admin > metrics > user reports.


Add the columns you want.


I'd suggest you look at things like posts made, topics started, kudos given and received,accepted solutions.

And if you want to get more heavy handed add in posts read, time online, sign ins.


You'll need to sort and rank your members to start building a profile of who's active in what way to define your super user criteria.

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