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Survey Opt-In Percentage

What's your typical opt-in percentage for Value Analytic surveys? We are seeing less than 1% consistently and want to understand if this is "normal." 

Sr. Community Manager | Flexera Community
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Tracking on a monthly basis since 2019 our average completion rate is 0.84%

We ran the survey for a short time and had a 0.4% opt-in rate - far different from the 10% that is documented in the Tips and best practices with Value Analytics doc. I made a comment on that doc asking if the 10% was more of a "stab in the dark" than based on actual data: and did get a response saying the 10% was too high based on data (scroll down in the comment thread or see screenshot below):


Hope that's helpful!


(I'd also say, in general, we were very disappointed with the value analytics survey and turned it off rapidly. Why? Very low acceptance rate, not very flexible questions, ugly UI, inadequate reporting (the report doesn't even use the full recommended calculation), etc. Seems like a feature that should be revisited by Khoros)

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