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Suspected abuse of the Email to a Friend feature - how to turn off per role/user?

Since the start of July we noticed a increase in email auto responders from people who received a invitation to view content in our community from member using the Email to a Friend feature. 

This is causing support debt since recipients we've heard from have no idea who the sender is so which is why they contacted our support team. 

Looking at the account thats sending these emails the page views since registration are roughly 1.8k daily which makes me think this is a bot, or a incredibly active lurker. The account detials also look very bot-eqsue too 

This made me wonder, how could we disable this feature per role, or user - I assumed I could make a role to disable it on a user basis at which point i could PM them to ask about their usage. 

Looking at admin I don't see a permission and Atlas leads me to believe the only option is to enable it for all, or ask support to disable it entirely?

Is there a more granular way to manage this permission? It seems odd to have to permission this feature but I can't help but feel its being abused here. 

I'll open a ticket with support shortly and have banned this user with a note asking them to reach out to our community team so we can understand their usage. For now I was hoping to see if anyone else has seen abuse of this feature?

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Update; I'm opening a support ticket after verifying its a spammer using the optional notes field to promote their business. The only way I could tell since I have no insight into their usage or whats being sent is some of the auto responders contained the actual message. 

Can't say I've seen this one before and whats really strange, > 50k page views are shown in their profile, yet only 4 page views in analytics year to date...

Its like this persons usage doesn't exist and their clearly abusing the platform

FWIW, i hid this feature via CSS since there doesn’t seem to be a way to actually turn it off. Couldn’t really imagine anyone using it, and worst of all it shows up on boards that are not publicly available (IIRC! Has been a while)

EDIT: just realized per your post above that support can turn the feature off, good to know!


I had debated turning it off when we redesigned last year but since I used it myself a few times I kept the option.

I havent been able to find any metrics on this feature so im not sure of overall usage - the quick fix is turning it off but now I'm worried, how much has this been abused, and are other khoros sites being abused like this too. If this is abuse pending supports feedback of course since I haven't limited insight/details atm! 

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