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Swag ideas for advocates

Hi all, 

I'm looking to get some swag for our advocates. What's some of the best, well-received swag you've given to your advocates? In the past we've given away backpacks (well-received and we didn't have to worry about sizing!), sweatshirts, t-shirts, moscow mule mugs and notebooks amongst other things. I'm looking for something that doesn't require a size and is in the $40-$100 range. 

Thanks in advance for your ideas and suggestions! 

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It would be good to have the swag be relevant to the main audience of your Community. I manage an e-commerce community, so gifts like branded wrapping paper, weighing scales etc. go over extremely well. We've also sent portable battery packs, they were received well. 

We do a ton of swag, some more silly than others. I don't really have the bandwidth to deal with sizing, so we don't do shirts/jackets.


  • Snuggies - these have been a huge hit!
  • Mini-fridges
  • USB adapter things w/ Lightning, USB-C, & some other connection type that I forget
  • SOCKS!
  • Nice Nike hats
  • Nice umbrellas - there's this kind that really won't turn upside down in the wind. I forget the brand
  • Skateboards
  • Good-brand water bottles
  • Good-brand coffee thermos

(all branded of course)

Sometimes I bundle together a few separate lower-value items into a "care package"

Hope this is helpful!

Some other things we have done, swag-wise:

- custom chia pet in the shape of our logo

- custom mini Legos in the shape of our logo

- fidget cubes 

- simple cloth drawstring bags to act as gift wrap

I've just done an order with Miir for customised bottles - was attracted by their stunning design and commitment to community projects and the environment. 



Swags are difficult from our brand perspective - we try to avoid any swags because of environmental reasons. But in the same we have to have something and we try to give swags what are eco friendly and truly useful.

In the community we dont share swags at all. I know people love them...


My Ideas, please vote:

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