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Syntax Highlighting

When can I find information about supporting additional language syntax highlighting?

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I did some research myself on this. Community appears to use TinyMCE. TinyMCE supports plugins such as Code Sample . Code Sample gives you access to Prism JS syntax highlighter.

So can the people who know the platform tell me if these pieces will work on community?  I am researching this for F5 so we can bring custom Syntax highlighting to iRules code samples.

@CarolineS who should I be asking?


Current version of TinyMCE is 4.x and v5 won't be available until Aurora arrives. You may find this link to the Code Sample plugin for TinyMCE v4 helpful for capability.

@allensmith81 may have some advice for you.

Senior Community Manager | Strava

Thank you! that is the link I was looking for..

@allensmith81 would be grateful if you have any experience with deploying this into communities. So based on the plugin we can deploy prism syntax highlighting support. If I can confirm this is possible I can have one of my friends write a custom prism plugin to support iRules which are a specialised extension of TCL language.

iRule Sample 

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