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System Error, Warning and Info Message - is there a list?

Does anyone know of a documented list of all the system type messages that are displayed on the community? I am referring to messages that appear in those Green and Red boxes on a page when an action has successfully completed or there is an error or warning about something. 

We want to review all system messages in the text editor and ensure it's user friendly and don't have a comprehensive way to understand what they all are and in what scenarios they appear. We'd love to do this proactively rather than just wait for someone to report an error message to us that they don't understand and then being doing this work incrementally as needed.

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You might also want to consider Studio's text editor as this will allow you to search for text strings by the string key identifier. Most of the system panel messages follow a pattern there, i.e. their identifier might start with

  • feedback. - e.g. feedback.AddThreadEmailSubscriptionAction.allsucceed = Success! Subscription added.
  • warning. - e.g. warning.batch.empty = There are no messages marked for this action. To perform this action, mark the message by clicking the checkbox to the left of the message and choose this option again.
  • error. - e.g. error.lithium.restapi.user_authentication_failed.body = User authentication failed.

Another way would be to search for common sub-strings in these messages, e.g. success messages often start with "Success! " so searching for this string in the text editor will yield a long list of these confirmation messages.

Unfortunately, none of these approaches will give you a nice, clean list sorted by category. Whenever I did this exercise we indeed went in as a team to try and break the community or trigger all possible user-facing messages. Then we noted down these strings, get them reviewed and finally searched them in text editor for those that needed a copy update.

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I would also tackle this problem the same way as @Claudius. Studio's text editor is your friend.





I agree I feel like a document should be available for all these messages rather than searching through matching text editor strings and trying to work out if they are customer facing. I'd also like context of when and why these warnings appear in the customer UI. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

@elbranscomb we don't have a list of text keys because there are too many. Instead, there's a setting to display text keys on whatever page you are on:

Thanks @MohammedF - we decided to use the suggestion of searching for the warning text in text keys in Studio. This seems the only comprehensive way we can do it as front end reproducing would take more resources. 

What's not really clear when you do this is which warning messages are experienced by external users and which are admin/ back end only. That kind of categorization in a document would be super helpful as I think searching the text editor is prone to something being overlooked. If we had even had a maintained list of all the front end warnings then that would be a great resource as typically those are the ones that I think most Community teams care about. 

Senior Community Manager | Strava

I had exactly the same discussion during the past weeks with my TAM at Khoros.

For me and my developer it makes no sense at all that there is no documentation for these messages. In this thread Khoros (one of the moderators) admits that there are just too many. But this is exactly why we need a documented list of these messages.

We don't know for sure which actions trigger which messages on community. You really have to test all edge cases (if you can think of them) in all different roles possible. And you always miss some, that's a certainty.

During our last redesign in 2016, we still found old styled messages up to 1 year after the end of the redesign. Currently we are doing a redesign again en really hoped a list was available by now. But it seems that this is still not the case. Very unfortunate.

Suzy Vranken
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